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Allegany County Museum Building Rumored To Be Site Of City Market

January 3rd, 2012 by WCBC Radio

More than a year after plans began in earnest to develop a City Market in downtown Cumberland- city leaders are still looking for an acceptable location. The latest rumor is that the Allegany County Museum building is the preferred site. FranPoint Partners was hired as a consultant in October. Funded jointly by the city and the Downtown Development Commission- it’s the same consultant that the city of Annapolis hired in 2010 to reopen its historical downtown market.  Sandi Saville, chairs the City Market group, a committee of citizens have been working for about a year to create a City Market where about two dozen vendors, including food, retail and service-related organizations, could do business. Initially, plans were to locate it in the McMullen building at the corner of Baltimore and George streets, but organizers discovered that they might not be able to use certain grant monies to fund it. Appalachian Regional Commission funds, state bond money, or any matching funds cannot be used to make permanent improvements to a privately-owned building. City Councilman David Kauffman, declined to address specific potential sites- telling WCBC News only that the work of the committee, the city and the consultant continues…

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