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Area Police Planning Extra Patrols

May 27th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Area police departments are planning extra patrols through the holiday weekend to catch speeders, and drunk drivers. Officers from the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and troopers from the Maryland State Police are also encouraging motorists to move over one lane if they see an emergency vehicle. Police are also going to be looking for violators of the state's law banning the use of handheld phones and texting devices while driving.  Under current law, police can only stop motorists they see texting or talking on the phone, if they stop motorists for another offense like speeding. Thanks to legislation signed this month, beginning in October, police can stop motorists they see using a handheld device while the vehicle is in motion. Maryland State Police Major Clifford Hughes said the most important rule to remember is to use common sense when on the roadways…


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