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City Police Make Arrest in Theft from Vehicles Case

March 9th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Officers from the Cumberland Police Department were working a saturation patrol in the Maple side area due to the recent theft from motor vehicles that have been occurring.

While working this detail officers observed lights come on in a vehicle parked on Gleason St. as they do when the door is opened. Once arriving at this location they didn’t observe anyone. They then observed a subject walking on Utah Ave.

Prior to officers being able to make contact with him they lost sight of the subject as he began to go through yards. Officers were finally able to locate and make contact with the subject they observed walking on Blackiston Ave.

At this time he was identified as Joseph Edward Twigg Jr. Twigg had a back pack on and was asked what was inside of it. At this time he took the back pack off and opened it. Once this occurred the officer observed two black cases inside of his back pack. When asked about this he handed one to the officer. Inside of the case was the registration card belonging to the truck that they observed the lights come on to. The other case was the owners manual and receipts for the same vehicle. The victim was contacted and advised that the items located on the suspect were taken from his vehicle.

Twigg was placed under arrest and transported to PH where he was processed and charged. Officers later responded to a residence that Twigg has been staying at and contacted the resident. The resident advised that there was nothing inside of the house that was stolen from any vehicles over the last couple of days. The resident granted officers consent to search the residence.

During the search officers located a rifle that had been stolen from a vehicle the night before hidden in a closet. The rifle was seized and later the next day identified by the victim of this crime. Investigation into the thefts of several vehicles from the night before are continuing and further charges are possible.

Joseph Edward Twigg Jr. Age: 25 Memorial Ave., City Charges: Theft less than $100, Rogue and Vagabond, Tampering with a M/V Twigg was taken for a Bond Hearing and held in the ACDC on a $10,000 Bond.

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