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Autocross Denied Airport Access for Use

June 26th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Although West Virginia state Delegate Gary Howell has asked Creade Brodie Jr., chairman of the Potomac Highlands Airport Authority, to reconsider a recent vote that denied the members of the National Road Autosport from holding their annual autocross on the operational grounds of the Greater Cumberland Regional Airport- that doesn’t appear likely. On June 12th, Brodie made a motion at a special meeting of the airport authority to deny the racing group access to the operational grounds and instead allow them to create an area outside of the airport fence to hold the races. The motion also included an offer from Brodie of $5,000 for additional paving to the outlying property if it would help the racers meet their needs. There has been some strong criticism aimed at the PHAA and particularly at Brodie since the action was taken. Brodie tells WCBC News that he realizes not everyone is happy with the decision, but adds that making unpopular decisions sometimes is part of the job.


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