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Bath Salts Use In The Area Becoming An Issue

August 14th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Times News reports that eight bath salts incidents in the city since June and an average of one case per day being treated at the emergency department of the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center has caused alarm for officials throughout the community. Like synthetic marijuana known commonly as “spice” or “k2” these products are commonly sold over the counter locally as those producing the drugs are staying one step ahead of the law by constantly altering the chemicals. While the effects can prove devastating- Cumberland Police Chief Charles Hinnant says unfortunately until more concrete, wider ranging laws are on the books- there is little that can be done by law enforcement…

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  1. August 15, 2012 at 9:36 am, John S. Swygert said:

    Here are a couple of great links I wanted to share on this very topic.

    This is from the White House and is titled:

    “Synthetic Drugs (a.k.a. K2, Spice, Bath Salts, etc.)”

    I just read this this morning and found it quite useful and informative.

    The others I will share are one, a petition I made to sign for ongoing legislation and support, and two, a facebook group I started to help use our collective voice to rid these substances in our comunitty.

    Please i urge you to each sign the petition and secondly join th efacebook group and ask all of your friends, or invite them, to join as well.

    The facebook group is founded locally however, I would like to see citizens from all over The United States join the group so we can collectively have a forum in which to discuss strategies and ways to properly organize and help outlaw these drugs as well as, in the mean time before new legislation, discuss strategies to boycott and legally pressure local businesses to stop selling this garbage to our citizens.

    Anyone who joins and “likes” the page can help identify all the local businesses that are selling either the Bath Salts or Legal Weed and then we can address those bussiness establishments perhaps through liscening, boycotts, civil suits, etc.

    The idea is to gather a consensus of the comunitty to brainstorm and discuss ideas that will effectively and legally stop the sale of these chemical compounds as well as educate the local comunitty about the inherent dangers, sypmtoms of use/abuse, and treatment. also has a forum with ongoing discussion that was started just a couple of days ago and also has some helpful information there as well.

    Petition Link:

    FaceBook Group Link:”Ban Bath Salts and Legal Weed”

    I again, appreciate this opportunity to share this information with our comunitty and only hope to stem this beleaguring realistic deep seated threat to our vulnerable comunitty and it’s citizens, as prevention now will go a long way towards a better collective future while we can still get a grip on this monster of an issue.


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