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Bill Designed To Ease Bottlenecks and Reduce Road Rage

April 2nd, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Drivers who hog the left lane soon could face fines up to $250 in Maryland under a bill designed to ease bottlenecks and reduce road rage by making it easier for motorists to get around slower vehicles. The bill, which has passed the House, would put Maryland among a growing number of states cracking down on drivers who seem to defy a basic lesson of high school driver’s education: Use the left lane to pass, and then move back to the right. Virginia lawmakers recently added a new mandatory minimum fine to their long-standing law requiring motorists to move right after passing. The push comes as many states have increased their highway speed limits and lawmakers say their time-starved constituents are pleading for ways to make traffic move faster. The bill’s sponsor, Delegate William Folden, said he sees the problem routinely on the Capital Beltway, Interstate 270 and other major roads…


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