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Board Asks Foote to Leave Meeting on Conflict of Interests

September 26th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Board of Education asked board member Wayne Foote to leave the room during a recent executive session- and shortly afterward announced that an opinion from the Ethics Commission will be sought on issue of conflicts of interest pertaining to school board candidates. Board President Sara Beth Bittinger…

A clearly angered Foote stormed out of the closed session, but would not comment when approached by WCBC News as executive session discussions are not for public consumption.  He did acknowledge that he had been asked to leave the session and also indicated he planned to contact his attorney.  It’s yet another sign that this fall’s school board campaign may see some candidates avoiding the high road. A little more than a month before the election and rumors are surfacing that board members are concerned with Foote’s habit of entering school buildings without any notice- and that in one instance he made inappropriate comments to a female teacher in front of students. In addition information sent to WCBC News in that past month outlines domestic abuse charges against one candidate as well as a bankruptcy. In addition, two candidates have had or are currently in legal battles with the board of education, including candidate Robert Farrell who claims he and his late wife were subject to wrongful termination.

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