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BoE Disagreement Over Election Of Officers Continues

January 16th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

One of the early points of contention that has split the new Allegany County Board of Education centers on the very first action taken- the election of officers. Although the election was on the agenda for the late afternoon public meeting agenda last Tuesday- the board decided to take action at an earlier afternoon session- with just one member of the public in attendance. With Robert Farrell elected board president by a 3-2 vote- immediate concerns were raised by members Deb Frank and Tammy Fraley. Farrell is currently involved in a lawsuit against the board and Superintendent David Cox. Frank said it is her understanding that with that lawsuit still active- Farrell is not allowed to meet privately with Cox- thus hampering his ability to perform the duties of president…


Farrell disagreed, noting that the only issue he cannot discuss with Dr Cox is the lawsuit, and that all other board of education matters are permitted…

Dr David Bohn was elected as board vice president also by a 3-2 vote. Although Ms Frank was nominated for the position of vice president- she declined.

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  1. January 16, 2019 at 6:59 pm, Emily said:

    Tammy Fraley should stop interfering with and undermining the voice of the voters in Allegany County. Moreover, an ethics complaint needs to be filed with the State Ethics Board, (not the county) to inquire if Tammy Fraley should return ALL income she received for housing staff associated with the Sino Immersion Program as an elected official. Further, the inquiry should clarify if the funds were given to her as a private contractor who did or did not pay taxes on the funds she received. Board President Farrell can limit his discussions with David “Mr. BowTie” Cox to all except what is under litigation. Many citizens are asking, “Is it time for David Cox to resign?”


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