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BREAKING: Dilly Leaving Mineral County Schools

April 3rd, 2019 by WCBC Radio

WCBC News has learned that Mineral County Schools Superintendent Shawn Dilly will leave the job at the end of June.

Here is the email he sent to teachers and staff yesterday:

Dear Faculty and Staff:


I imagine many of you have been wondering about the future of Mineral County School’s leadership.  It has become clear after several discussions that the majority of the Board and I are going two different directions. As a result, on June 30, 2019, I will conclude my tenure as Superintendent of Mineral County Schools. 


During my five years, I always held firm to the importance of acting professional, doing what was best for students (even when it wasn’t popular), and treating people with respect and dignity even when this behavior was not reciprocated.  I realize that I am not perfect, and I still have lots of room to grow as a school leader, but I always strove to be an example for others to follow and encouraged others to take the high road. 


It is important with my departure that you remember some essential realizations for the district.   I would encourage you to cherish the community that supports you.  Not all communities support their schools the way Mineral County has demonstrated these past five years.  Please don’t take for granted the community’s provision, cultivate it and nourish it with stronger student outcomes and positive communication.  Remember that you hold the future of this community in your actions and efforts each and every day. 


It is unclear what my future holds, but I know that God has other plans for me at this time.  I know that dark and turbulent times of the past five years have grown me as a school leader and as a man of faith.  I will continue to pray for the future of Mineral County. 


Best wishes,


Shawn L. Dilly, M.A.


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  1. April 03, 2019 at 12:09 pm, kevin said:

    I’m surprised the Board does not want him back. Given the economic realities of the county he has done an impressive job. Maybe they can hire an “amigo” from Allegany country – we can spare a few. It’s what friends do!


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