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Budget Cuts May Mean Less Jobs for School Board

May 18th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Budget cuts that have to be made by the Allegany County Board of Education in the next month could mean fewer teaching jobs and fewer programs.  Not having received a requested increase in funding of $1.8 million, the board now is left to reduce its budget- and that will impact teachers. Speculation is that many veteran teachers could be displaced relocated to other schools  to teach other subjects. That is something that apparently  is not sitting well with teachers union.  Ed Root, school board president, noted this month that in his nearly six years on the school board, he has seen the school system’s staff drop from 1,404 employees to 1,200. Addressing the rumors of  unrest among teachers concerning displacement, Superintendent David Cox said unfortunately shuffling teachers around has become a necessary routine in recent years as a result of declining funds…


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