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Canal Place Board To Vote On McKay for Consideration For Board

October 9th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

A source close to the situation tells WCBC News that he expects the name of Allegany County Commission President Michael McKay to be rejected by the governor to fill the vacant position on the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority. Citing a number of concerns with recent decisions, board member Mark Widmyer abruptly resigned from the Authority last month. At the September public meeting at which Widmyer’s resignation letter was read,   McKay asked for a motion to appoint himself as the new county representative on the authority. Commissioners Brodie and Bill Valentine voted to appoint McKay, but that appointment must come from the Authority, and then must be approved by Governor Martin O’Malley. Indications are that it is McKay’s very public opposition to the governor’s same sex marriage law, among other philosophical differences that has not enamored him to O’Malley and for those reasons- it’s possible that the nomination will not be accepted. The source went so far as to say O’Malley “hates” McKay. Authority Chair Andy Vick told WCBC News that the board will meet next week and vote on whether to not to submit McKay’s name for consideration. For his part Vick is on record as supporting the idea of having McKay as a board member…

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