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Candidates For Maryland House Of Delegates Discuss Future Of Canal Place And Footer Dye Works

October 9th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The future of Canal Place and the Footer Dye Works building one of the issues addressed by the four candidates seeking election to the Maryland House of Delegates this week. The forum, held at Allegany College of Maryland, was the first of four such events this month organized by the Chamber of Commerce and WCBC Radio. The House 1b race pits longtime incumbent democrat Kevin Kelly against attorney, republican Jason Buckle.  Kelly, who has advocated abolishing the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority in favor of a government run management system- says he wants to see the Canal Place projects move forward- but not if it going to continue to be a financial drain for taxpayers…


Buckle was critical of the efforts to date, but said there has been too much time and money invested by the community to simply abandon the project at this point…


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