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Cardin Pushes Bill To Help Seniors Avoid Nursing Home Stays

March 12th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

U.S. Senators Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have introduced bipartisan legislation (S. 704) allowing older Americans to receive individualized care that would help them continue to stay in their own homes rather than nursing homes. “Allowing seniors to age in place, to stay in their homes as long as possible, takes an enormous financial and emotion burden off of families,” said Senator Cardin. “This community based approach gives seniors the support and dignity they deserve, and is a commonsense alternative to costly institutionalization.” “I’ve never met anyone who can’t wait to move into a nursing home,” Senator Grassley said.  “Everybody wants to stay in their own homes as long as they can, with the comforts of home.  Unfortunately, our current system doesn’t have a bridge for those who are on a fixed income but would have to sell their house to become eligible for Medicaid and get nursing home care.  Our bill sets up a demonstration project to build a bridge for those who need care but otherwise would have to go to a nursing home to get it.” Today, the federal government does not pay for long-term services and support, unless an individual is on Medicaid.  Seniors on Medicare often are forced to go into a nursing home, spend down their assets and then go on Medicaid for their long-term care.  

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