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Catholic Bishops Gather In Baltimore For Annual Meeting And To Discuss Child Sex Abuse Scandal

November 13th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Catholic bishops have gathered in Baltimore this week for their annual meeting, and because of the sex abuse scandal involving priests and bishops, some consider this an intense moment in crisis for the church.  Baltimore Archbishop William Lori talked with WBAL on reform efforts and renewing trust. Lori said he and other bishops are deeply horrified by the sex abuse scandal that has plagued the Catholic Church and hurt children and adults. The archbishop said there is a sickness involved on the part of the people who commit abuse, calling it a crime and also a moral crime. Much attention has been focused on handling priests accused of wrongdoing following the release of an attorney general's report in Pennsylvania and former Washington Archbishop Theodore McCarrick's decision to step down because of sexual allegations against him….


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  1. November 13, 2018 at 9:08 am, Greg Clites said:

    I was raised Catholic. At college when I began seeking for something that was missing in my life, I began to read the New Testament of the Bible, a Bible that was given to me by the Gideons. Jesus spoke to me as I read the Word, and I realized I was a sinner who needed to repent of my sins and to accept Jesus as my Savior – so as to have a personal relationship with Him. I left the Catholic Church and began going to a Bible-based church. The Catholic Church is a pseudo Christian church with a sand foundation. With all of the lives destroyed by sexual predator priests, I can’t believe the Catholic Church is still in existence. Catholics are blind to the truth.


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