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City Advises Caution for Travelers

January 22nd, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The City of Cumberland is advising travelers throughout the city to use caution over the next several days.

“We have some significant concern about this particular weather event,” stated City Administrator Jeff Rhodes. “Each weather event can have different conditions that require different approaches to addressing snow removal. What concerns me isn’t the snow or the cold temperatures; it’s the combination of the two,” Rhodes added.

Snowfall is expected to slow later Tuesday evening, but the accumulated precipitation combined with extreme frigid temperatures will present a challenge over the next several days for city street department crews. Road salt becomes ineffective when the temperature falls below 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. Under those conditions, wet streets and frigid temperatures create a difficult situation to treat effectively.

“We have full crews manned throughout the day and our night crew will continue to treat problem areas until morning. Several crews will be out earlier than normal on Wednesday morning to keep ahead of residents heading to work,” Rhodes stated.

Motorists are advised to avoid travel if possible and to use caution and allow ample time to reach their destination if they must travel. Black ice and frozen patches will likely be found throughout the City and will be treated as quickly as possible, but motorists are advised to be aware of current street conditions and plan accordingly.

For additional information, contact the City Administrator’s office at 301-759-6424.

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