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City Sewer Overflow Project Being Viewed As Not Fiscally Possible

April 10th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Even though a Maryland Department of the Environment official called the city of Cumberland’s proposed project to prevent combined sewer overflow dumping into the Potomac River a “sound plan”- every indication it simply isn’t feasible. The more than $90 million dollar plan calls for the use of two 5-million-gallon storage tanks to be installed under the Mason Sports Complex to hold excess effluent during heavy rains in an effort to stop overflow dumping into the river. Although it’s a Cumberland project, all users of the system would be required to contribute to the total cost- including water customers in Frostburg and Mt Savage. Allegany County Administrator David Eberly said that even city officials who developed the plan don’t view it as fiscally possible at this time…


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