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City Updating Laws Concerning BB Guns, Bows, Paintball Guns And Airsoft Guns

June 15th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Cumberland officials are updating existing laws concerning the possession of BB guns, bows, paintball and pellet guns to avoid the potential tragic consequences of replica weapons being misidentified during law enforcement actions. City Solicitor Michael Cohen says the mayor and City Council is essentially updating an antiquated city ordinance that has been on the books for years.  Current law contains a general description of "slingshots and other contrivances that are designed to shoot a projectile or missile," as prohibited items. City officials want to update the law to include the modern recreational and replica sport weaponry. The proposal is to add BB guns, bows, crossbows, paintball and airsoft pellet guns to the list of prohibited items. Cohen says it’s important to citizens to know that discharging these types of replica weapons within city limits will have consequences…


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