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Cold Case Suspect Arrested in Cumberland

October 29th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

(PUNTA GORDA) Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Cameron is pleased to announce the arrest of one suspect in the 2001 murder of 19-year old Tara Danielle Sidarovich. Tara disappeared from her Westwood Avenue home in Punta Gorda on Oct. 1, 2001. Tara’s skeletal remains were found on July 12, 2002 in a wooded area east of Burnt Store Road in Charlotte County. An autopsy determined Tara was the victim of homicide.

The State Attorney’s Office in the 20th Judicial Circuit reviewed new evidence and testimony developed by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Cold Case Unit, as well as existing evidence and testimony gathered by previous investigators. Arrest warrants for first degree murder were issued for Phillip Gavin Barr, 43, and 39 year old David Ray McMannis.

David Ray McMannis

McMannis was arrested in Cumberland, Maryland, by members of the Allegany County Combined Criminal Investigative Unit on Friday, Oct. 26.  McMannis was closely monitored and then apprehended after the warrants were issued. McMannis awaits extradition to Charlotte County pending any necessary hearings in Maryland. Barr has not been arrested as of yet, and a nationwide search is underway.

Phillip Gavin Barr

Sheriff Cameron commended the efforts of the State Attorney’s Office, FBI, U.S. Marshal’s Office, and Combined Criminal Investigative Unit of Cumberland, Maryland, in providing invaluable contributions to his Cold Case team during this ongoing investigation.

Detective Mike Gandy, Cold Case Supervisor, said that since the beginning of this investigation in 2001, thousands of hours were spent by dozens of investigators interviewing potential witnesses and examining evidence and leads. Gandy praised the work of the initial investigative teams as well as the many investigators that have worked on this case over the years. Gandy said, “Throughout the years, many talented investigators have worked on this case. Information they discovered, along with the new developments by our Cold Case Team, finally made this case. We were delighted to share this news with Tara’s mother, Sharon, and hope it will help Sharon and Tara’s other family members and friends rest a bit easier.”

Gandy also said that this is an example of what we can achieve if given the opportunity, time, and resources. Gandy praised Sheriff Cameron for having the “can do” mind set and for starting a unit dedicated to solving cold and difficult cases.

3 Responses to “Cold Case Suspect Arrested in Cumberland”

  1. October 29, 2012 at 4:22 pm, Kara Russell said:

    Great job!!! I pray Tara’s family will find comfort knowing these dangerous and horrible men are off the streets. RIP Tara.


  2. October 29, 2012 at 7:01 pm, Tammy said:

    If you knew David, you would know that he isn’t a horrible guy. One of the worse things that can happen to someone is being locked up for something they didn’t do. It is going to be a sad day when the truth comes out that David had nothing to do with this and then we will see what your comments say. Sharon is not the only one hurting, David is a son and a brother so a lot of family is hurting on this side too. But I can say R.I.P. Tara I hope your killer(s) are caught soon!


    • October 30, 2012 at 10:22 am, anonymous said:

      Dear Tammy, I did not read any offensive comments about David. Which it seems you know him personally, but you must also see that a very young girl was taken away from her friends an family which means no calls, no visits ever again, if anyone has been charged in this case they will get their day in court, they will be represented by a lawyer of their choice, this young lady an her family had no such last plea for life, no day to show why she should be unharmed.. No one must loose sight of that anyone charged with a crime still gets court dates, appeals, 12 Jurors, Lawyers. So if all the investigators In the last 11yrs are wrong and David is innocent I’m sure those 12 jurors will look at all Evidence and come to the correct conclusion to the case.


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