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Commissioners Face No Win Situation On Paper Gaming

September 30th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

It appears to be a no-win situation for the Allegany County Commissioners. If the commissioners increase the paper gaming tax for clubs and non-profits, while reducing the county take from for profits- charitable organizations will take a hit. If the county opts to maintain the status quo, more and more for profits may choose to get out of the tip jar business altogether- meaning less tax revenue for the county. Earlier this year, a coalition of for-profit owners asked commissioners to lower the 40 percent take of the earnings that they pay to the county. The only way that could happen, if the county wants to maintain the same income level, would be to raise the 10 percent tax imposed on the games offered by nonprofits. Last week the nonprofits showed up in full force ready to fight any attempt to increase the 10 percent tax imposed by the county. The for-profits reiterated their position with a letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Cumberland Times News pointing to the fairness issue. One of those for-profit representatives is Dr Eileen Steele who told the commissioners that the business owners have essentially been ignored during the entire tip jar issue which began in 2003…

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