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Commissioners issue statement on status of DelFest contract talks

October 4th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

We would like to provide clarity, regarding recent statements made about Allegany County Government's position in recent negotiations.  It is important to the Board of Cimmissioners, as well as the public, that direct communication is expressed.  We do not want to negatively impact an important relationship over a misunderstanding.

Allegany County is proud to host DelFest each year and is committed to assisting with their continued success.  We believe that a long-term contract is in the best interest of both parties but will be happy to extend a one-year contract by simply using last year's terms if that is desired.

The Cimmissioners are supportive of a non-compete claus that owuld limit festivals with specific genres of music from renting the fairgrounds year-round, as well as all music festivals diring a certain time-period in spring and summer months.

Additionally, we have agreed to use 50% of the amusement tax paid to be earmarked as a dedicated revenue stream to provide capital improvements to the Allegany County Fairgrounds.  The total amount of amusement tax generated by DelFest has been approximately $62,000.00 per year.

The Commissioners have also offered to provide $5,000.00 a year for an events coordinator position that is under contract to both DelFest and Allegany County Government, as well as continuing existing marketing and promotional efforts through our Tourism Department.  We are also supportive of DelFest hosting a second festival in Allegany County each year.  To help make this a reality we have offered marketing support and free rental of the fairgrounds in the first year for the second festival.

A conference call or in-person meeting, which has been offered by the County and included in an email Friday, September 29, would likely resolve many of the issues with the contract both real and perceived.  Each commissioner and all staff remain committed to speaking in person and reaching an agreement that is mutually beneficial, as we have been able to do for the last decade.

Everything outlined in this document has been and is still the position of the Allegany County Government.


Allegany Board of Commissioners

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