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Commissioners looking to demolish former Allegany High School

November 8th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

It was a short priority list submitted by the Allegany County Commissioners to the District One Legislative Delegation in a session Thursday afternoon. The annual get together provides county officials the chance to seek assistance on the state level for local projects. Topping this year’s list was a request for half a million dollars for infrastructure improvements to the site of the former Allegany High School building on Sedgwick Street once it is demolished. County Commissioners President Jake Shade said ideally the land can ultimately be used to develop for single family residences and a community park and recreation area…


Also on the county’s wish list: a request to amend the annotated code to reduce the acreage threshold on sales of land to the state that requires County approval from 100 to 20 acres. The goal is to try to halt the massive land grabs the state has been conducting for many years in Western Maryland. County Commissioner Creade Brodie Jr says this would be an attempt to level the playing field…

2 Responses to “Commissioners looking to demolish former Allegany High School”

  1. November 08, 2019 at 9:13 pm, Brian said:

    Would be great place for new public housing project instead of sticking them in South Cumberland all the time


    • November 09, 2019 at 11:34 am, mac said:

      > I don’t see anyone on that end of town looking forward to public or low income housing.


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