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Concrete Block Falls From Washington Middle School Ceiling

December 10th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Late afternoon last Wednesday, a concrete block became dislodged from its cement and fell from above the suspended ceiling in a second floor classroom at Washington Middle School. While no one was injured, and maintenance crews were dispatched and responded immediately- some teachers have said they are not entirely comfortable with the situation and they have safety concerns. According to a press release from the Board of Education, the examination discovered that at some time after the original construction of the building, cap blocks were vertically installed on top of the walls between the classrooms, apparently for sound reduction between rooms.  ACPS maintenance personnel removed all of the blocks on the wall where the block had fallen.  Upon examination of the rest of the building two more areas with the same post-construction installation of blocks above the ceiling grid were identified.  As a precaution, crews removed those blocks Wednesday evening and crews will return to the building to reexamine areas and take additional measures as needed. Although the official statement closed by noting that the removal of the blocks no way compromises the structure, and the building has been determined to be safe for continued use- one teacher told WCBC News that she has experienced breathing problems since the incident, and that there was heavy dust in some classrooms when she returned to the building. Ironically just last month, Facilities Director Vince Montana reported to the board that Washington Middle School was structurally sound and posed no safety issues…

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