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County Commissioners Not yet Ready To Sign Off On New Allegany High School

August 10th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

With the local cost share for constructing a new Allegany High School at a different location estimated anywhere between $8.7 Million and $16 Million- the Allegany County Commissioners aren't yet ready to sign off on placing the project on its capital improvements priority list to submit to the state. The Board of Education, which voted last month to identify a new Allegany as its top capital priority, met with the counter commissioners in a joint work session Tuesday afternoon to discuss funding the project. Superintendent David Cox and Supervisor of Maintenance and Construction Vince Montana provided a detaied presentation on the need for a new high school; the state requirements for constructing a new school; and the process leading up to the board's July vote. School Board President Mike Llewellyn said that its imperative for the county to act on the request given the unprecedented 93-7 funding split with the state in place for the next few years…

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