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County Officials Express Frustration With State Mandate

September 24th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County officials continue to express frustration with a state mandated plan to cut back on toxins entering the Chesapeake Bay. Land Development and Planning Engineer Angela Patterson presented an overview of the plan during Thursday’s work session- discussing nutrient loading offsets and what role they play in the state’s oversight of county plans to help the bay. The offsets are a way of crediting the county for positive actions it takes to reduce pollution from Allegany County entering the bay. With a target date of 2025 to meet certain bench marks, County Administrator David Eberly noted that 30% of the toxins are airborne and come from out of state. No matter how effective the counties in Maryland are in implementing the plan- Eberly says the goals are not realistically obtainable. He says the plan; in reality has nothing to do with keeping the Bay clean, but it is actually aimed at controlling growth…

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