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CPD Serves Warrants And Makes Domestic Assault Arrest

August 9th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

On August 8, 2018 Cumberland City Police served an arrest warrant on Brandon Allen Matthew Rotruck, age 32 of Cumberland, Maryland.  The warrant was issued after Rotruck failed to appear for a child support hearing in Circuit Court. Rotruck was processed, served and taken before the court.  Rotruck posted a preset bond of $100.

Arrested: Brandon Allen Matthew Rotruck         Age: 32 of Cumberland, MD

Charge: Failure to appear


Warrant Arrest/Obstructing


On August 8, 2018 an officer from the Cumberland City Police Department was conducting routine patrol in the area of Industrial Blvd when he observed the operator of a silver passenger car using a hand held phone while operating a motor vehicle.  The vehicle was stopped for the violation and contact was made with a female driver. The driver identified herself to the officer but could not provide a drivers license. During a check of the drivers status, officers learned that the name they were given was an alias belonging to Sarah Elizabeth Browning.  The officer confronted the driver about the conflicting information. The driver denied being Sarah Browning and denied any knowledge of that name. Additional checks were conducted at the scene and the officer learned that Sarah Browning had an active arrest warrant on file for failing to appear in court. Browning eventually told officers that she used a false name to avoid being arrested on the warrant.  Browning was taken into custody and transported to the Cumberland City Police Department. Browning was processed, served and taken before the District Court Commissioner. As a result of this incident, additional charges of Obstructing and Hindering and false statement were served on Browning. Browning was released from District Court on personal recognizance on all charges.


Arrested: Sarah Elizabeth Browning                                        Age: 32 of Ridgeley, West Virginia

Charges: Failure to appear, obstructing and hindering and false statement to an officer.


Domestic Assault


On August 8, 2018 officers from the Cumberland City Police Department responded to 1121 Virginia Avenue for a reported domestic assault in progress.  Upon the officers arrival they made contact with a female victim who advised that she was assaulted by her boyfriend, Clifford Thomas Perkins. The victim advised the officers that last night Perkins accused her of being unfaithful.  She advised that she was Perkins became involved in a verbal argument and Perkins left the residence. The victim told officers that Perkins returned sometime this morning and began to strike her with a chair. She stated that Perkins then left again and she fell asleep.  Once Perkins returned for the second time he began to assault the victim again. During the altercation, the victim was punched in the face, thrown against a car and kicked in the neck. The victim was bleeding as a result of this altercation. Officers at the scene contacted the Cumberland City Fire Department to respond to the scene for treatment.  During that time, officers learned that the victim and Perkins had a child in common. Officers observed Perkins step onto the porch with the child in his arms and quickly retreat back into the residence. After Perkins entered the residence, officers attempted to make contact with him as he could be heard yelling through a closed front door. Officers attempted to have Perkins exit the residence with the child but he refused and threatened to shoot officers if they entered the residence.  After several minutes of trying to negotiate with Perkins, officers deemed it necessary to activate the Cumberland Emergency Response Team and negotiators. Due to the nature of the incident, officers evacuated the neighbor in the other half of the duplex and shut down the 1100 block of Virginia Avenue. Negotiators who arrived on the scene were eventually able to make contact with Perkins and he agreed to exit the residence. Perkins was taken into custody at the scene and transported to the Cumberland City Police Department.  The child was located unharmed inside the residence. Child Protective Services also assisted the Cumberland City Police Department with this incident. Perkins was taken before the District Court Commissioner and held in the County Jail without bond.

Arrested: Clifford Thomas Perkins                                            Age: 34 of Cumberland, Maryland

Charges: 2nd Degree Assault, Obstruct free passage and Disorderly Conduct.

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