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Hyndman Evacuated As Derailment Count Now Numbers 32 Cars

August 2nd, 2017 by WCBC Radio

CSX Spokesman Rob Doolittle issued the following statement on today's derailment in Hyndman…

CSX continues to work closely with emergency personnel in Hyndman, Penn., to assess the scene where a train derailed several rail cars at about 5 a.m. today near Center Street. There are no reports of any injuries. The Hyndman Fire Department has issued an evacuation of everyone within a half mile of the site, and CSX is working to get resources to residents who are impacted. Our top priority is to work cooperatively with first responders and other officials to protect the safety of the community.

Initial reports indicate at least 32 rail cars derailed, some of which contain hazardous materials. At least one rail car containing liquified petroleum gas and at least one car containing molten sulphur have leaked and are on fire. CSX hazardous-material experts are working alongside firefighters to assess the scope of the damage, develop a plan to contain the leaks and set up environmental protective measures and monitoring.

The train involved was traveling from Chicago to Selkirk, N.Y., and consisted of five locomotives and 178 rail cars total. Of those, 128 cars were carrying mixed freight, including the materials involved in the incident and construction materials, paper and wood pulp. There were 50 empty rail cars on the train. 

CSX's priority is to protect the public's safety and get assistance to anyone who might need it. CSX is working with local officials, the American Red Cross and other organizations to supply food, lodging, transportation and other necessities to community members who have been affected by this incident.

CSX will continue to coordinate with emergency personnel and local authorities to ensure that those living and working in this community will receive the most up-to-date information possible. CSX is committed to meeting the needs of evacuated community members and we will work as quickly as safety allows to return them safely to their homes and businesses. 

CSX has set up a community outreach center at Hyndman Ministry Church, located at 152 Hyndman Road, where anyone impacted by the train derailment and evacuation can ask questions and seek additional resources. CSX is committed to meeting the needs of displaced community members by providing food, lodging, transportation and other necessities. Community members can also call 1-800-331-4031 if they have any questions.


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