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Rumors Rampant About Future Of CSX Operations In Cumberland

May 16th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Since the change in leadership at CSX earlier this year, rumors have been rampant about the future of Cumberland operations- and there are now signs that those rumors may be coming to reality. Last month, CSX ceased using the "hump" in South Cumberland to sort and join cars to various trains.  It's been a key component in making Cumberland a major hub for the railroad since the B & O Railroad days. A drive by of the Cumberland Rail Yard on Tuesday afternoon revealed not a single train car and no visible activity. The yard is empty. It is not known if this is a sign of a permanent transition, or if it is merely part of the planned transition away from using the hump. Local officials are in the dark about the railroads plans. WCBC News has spoken with contacts of elected officials at the federal, state, county, and city levels and, while all admit to hearing rumors, there has been nothing communicated to government by CSX. Cumberland City Councilman Eugene Frazier is retired from CSX and currently has family and friends working at the Cumberland location. He tells WCBC News that while he has heard nothing official, all indications are pointing in the wrong direction. He says the company’s new CEO- Hunter Harrison- is known in the railroad industry as a ruthless cost cutter, with most of this reduction attained through employee terminations via process integration…



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