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Cumberland Police Busy Redirecting Traffic

June 12th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Due to the severe storms that passed through the area in the late evening the Cumberland Police Department was very busy redirecting traffic around several flooded and damaged roads throughout the city.  A vehicle was disabled after the operator drove into high water on Green Street near Chase Street.  This area of Greene Street was flooded at the time when the operator tried to drive through the water.  This vehicle was later removed by a tow truck.  

Other city streets damaged Louisiana Avenue near Sheridan Place, the Dingle area to include, Fayette Street, Greene Street and Gephardt Drive, Willis Creek Avenue, Patterson Avenue at Springfield Boulevard.

***The Cumberland Police Department is reminding residents to use extreme caution when encountering high water.  If you see high water please stop and turn around safely, please do not try to drive through standing water.***

The City Street, Water, and Sewage Departments were all called out to respond to the areas damaged by the high water.  The Cumberland Fire Department responded to numerous calls for service during the severe storms.

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