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Debate over post-Labor Day school start reignites in Md. General Assembly

February 1st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The debate over whether schools should be forced to carry their summer break through Labor Day was reignited in the Maryland General Assembly this week. A state Senate committee heard testimony on a bill that would effectively repeal Gov. Larry Hogan’s order that requires all public schools to start the year after Labor Day and end by June 15. “Each school system is very, very different from each other,” said Sen. Nancy King, D-Montgomery, a supporter of repealing the order. “They need to make those decisions for themselves on the calendar.”  Under the bill, Maryland’s 24 individual school boards would be in charge of their own start and end dates. Hogan announced his order in 2016, saying it would benefit families, businesses and Maryland’s tourism industry. Allegany and Garrett counties, due to the severe winters, have been granted waivers allowing them to start the school year prior to Labor Day

2 Responses to “Debate over post-Labor Day school start reignites in Md. General Assembly”

  1. February 01, 2019 at 4:26 pm, kevin said:

    I have always thought the idea of starting after Labor Day was a sleazy way to keep a larger labor pool of high school and college kids available for work in Ocean City, thereby saving Boardwalk Vendors and tourist attractions from paying higher wages to attract workers at the end of summer. I would love to see school move to a more year round model, with a different vacation schedule to keep kids more engaged and involved with their education. I agree this absolutely is a local issue and it should be restored to that option.


  2. February 01, 2019 at 5:43 pm, Sharon said:

    My siblings and I all went back to school after labor day. Our family had a chance for another holiday to visit friends and family or have a cookout at home. The local pool was still open and we had more days to enjoy the summer. By labor day, we all looked forward to going back to school, and buying our new clothes and books for the new school year. It was great. And yes, students had more time to earn more money, not a bad thing. By labor day, we definitely were all ready to go back, too! Perhaps one way to solve this would be for all schools to start after labor day and then end school in June when the requirements are met for that county. In addition, yes, it would benefit tourism and give visitors another chance to enjoy our beautiful area. Tourism is a big economic driver and that is not a bad thing, either. Thank you.


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