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Delaney bill would create Hostage Czar

May 1st, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6) has filed legislation to create a new Hostage Czar, a high-level government official whose sole responsibility is to lead U.S. efforts to locate and recover American hostages. Last week, the White House announced that Dr. Warren Weinstein, a constituent of Rep. Delaney, was inadvertently killed in the bombing of an al-Qa’ida compound. Weinstein was held hostage for over three years. The Warren Weinstein Hostage Rescue Act (H. Res. 236) creates a Hostage Czar who serves on the National Security Council and oversees an interagency fusion cell. Delaney’s legislation states that no portion of the bill should be construed as authorizing the federal government to negotiate with terrorists.

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