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Delaney Files Federal FEC Complaint Against Hoeber for Illegal Coordination Between Campaign and Husband’s Super PAC

September 22nd, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Congressman John K. Delaney has filed a complaint before the Federal Election Commission following flagrant violations of core campaign finance laws and illegal coordination by Republican candidate for Congress Amie Hoeber, her husband, Qualcomm (QCOM: NASDAQ) executive Mark Epstein, the Hoeber campaign and the single-candidate, single-donor Maryland USA Super PAC. Delaney’s complaint states that “the incontrovertible facts unmistakably show two committees coordinating expenditures and structuring their operations to undermine key pillars of the campaign finance architecture resulting in excessive and forbidden campaign contributions.”

The complaint can be read online here.

“This super PAC funded by Amie Hoeber’s husband has achieved national notoriety for the brazenness with which has flouted the law,” said Delaney attorney Brian Svoboda of Perkins Coie. “That a candidate’s spouse could form a super PAC to support her campaign, even while serving as an officer of her campaign and participating in its activities, is indeed stranger than fiction. This super PAC’s violations of law are so blatant that Congressman Delaney felt that he had to act on behalf of Marylanders, now that its illegally funded ads have begun to flood the airwaves. The facts leave no doubt that this super PAC was illegally established, was illegally financed and has illegally coordinated, and a prudent candidate would shut it down. Mr. Delaney is ready to take all steps necessary to correct these violations, including litigation.

Delaney’s complaint calls for an immediate FEC investigation and appropriate sanction against the guilty parties.

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