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Delaney Targets Transportation Cut

June 4th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Thursday, the House of Representatives is expected to consider the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) and Related Agencies Appropriations Act (H.R. 2577).  The legislation includes a 33% cut in federal support for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, reducing federal funding by $50 million.  

“By slashing one dollar in every three from Metro’s funding the House is headed down a dangerous track,” said Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6). “My constituents depend on Metro every day and I am concerned that these cuts will impact their safety, their commute and their businesses. A safe, reliable and effective Metro transit system is essential to making the Capital Region work and it is misguided to cut our investment by a third when we should be upgrading, expanding and improving service.”

Wednesday, Delaney cosponsored an amendment to the bill offered by Rep. Connolly that would have restored the funding, however the amendment was blocked by a point of order on the House floor.  

Delaney is the author of the Infrastructure 2.0 Act which provides for new infrastructure investment with revenues currently trapped overseas.  Delaney’s legislation creates a new $50 billion dollar infrastructure fund to finance up to $750 billion in new state and local infrastructure projects. The legislation also provides funding for six years of Highway Trust Fund solvency.

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