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Delegate Buckel updates legislation

February 24th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Delegate Jason Buckel has filed numerous bills in this General Assembly session designed to promote public safety and economic development in Allegany County. Several of these key pieces of legislation include:


CAREER CRIMINAL TRUTH IN SENTENCING ACT: This act mandates that any criminal who has been convicted four times over a 15 year period, including two felony convictions, must serve the full maximum statutory sentence for their fourth conviction and any subsequent felony conviction, and would have no opportunity for parole, probation, or early release. The Career Criminal Truth in Sentencing Act imposes stricter sentencing on career criminals in order to lower the rate of recidivism by ensuring that the actual prison sentence faced by repeated criminals fits the crimes they committed.

“The Career Criminal Truth in Sentencing Act makes clear that career criminals are not to be coddled in Maryland and that repeat offenders, particularly felons, should ultimately bear the consequences of their actions. People often deserve a second chance; but career criminals can’t be allowed to prey on our communities over and over again,” said Buckel.


BIOTECHNOLOGY AND CYBER SECURITY TAX CREDITS: These bills incentivize economic development in Western Maryland by increasing the available tax credit received for investing in biotechnology and cybersecurity businesses in Allegany and Garrett Counties, making investments in economically-disadvantaged jurisdictions more appealing to biotechnology and cybersecurity ventures.

“Cybersecurity and biotechnology are key industries driving Maryland’s economy, but they tend to cluster in the Washington metropolitan region and/or nearby large military complexes. The intent of these bills is to provide additional incentives to attract these industries to all jurisdictions across the state,” said Buckel. This legislation is cross-sponsored in the Senate by Senator George Edwards.


CORPORATE TAX RATE REDUCTION: This bill would reduce the existing corporate tax rate of 8.25% to 7% over a 3 year period, consistent with the recommendations of the blue-ribbon Augustine Commission. The enactment of broad-based corporate tax relief would bring Maryland more in line with competing states and offer businesses large and small in all fields of industry meaningful tax relief, helping to keep Maryland jobs here and attract new businesses.


MIDDLE CLASS INCOME TAX RATE RELIEF: This bill would reduce the existing 4.75% income tax rate for individual filers with incomes between $3,000 and $100,000 and joint filers between $3,000 and $150,000 to 4% over a 3 year period. Buckel stated “Maryland’s middle class families and small businesses who are taxed at individual rates need a tax break. We need to be more competitive with West Virginia and neighboring states, and I’m committed to fighting for tax relief”.


EXTENDING BETTER BENEFITS TO CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS: “Our correctional officers need better pay, better benefits, and safer working conditions,” according to Buckel, HB13 would treat correctional officers identically to police and law enforcement personnel for certain workers’ compensation benefits.


“Allegany County needs to better engage throughout Maryland to grow our county. We have to get serious about economic development, attracting 21st century industries to Western Maryland, and dealing with our emerging crime rates – either real or perceived – and my primary reason for being in Annapolis is to focus on these issues,” said Buckel.


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