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Delegate Seth Howard Sponsors Legislation to Help End Opioid Addiction Epidemic

April 11th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Annapolis, MD:  The Recovery Resident Residential Rights Protection Act (RRRRPA), sponsored by Delegate Seth Howard, passed both the House and Senate Chambers unanimously in the 2017 Legislative Session. The bill aims to help end the heroin epidemic by creating a direct line from the patient to the care providers they need in order to complete the recovery process. In addition, RRRRPA sets forth guidelines for recovery residences in the state of Maryland in order to provide the continuum of care vital to the recovery process.

On the Heroin Epidemic, Delegate Howard said “On this crisis, we are one Maryland family. This epidemic must be addressed for the health and safety of not only my constituents, but also for the state and the nation.”

On the bill, Delegate Howard said “This comprehensive and bipartisan bill puts in place a mechanism that will provide patients better access to the programs they need to help ensure a full and speedy recovery.”

This bill, two years in the making, now heads to the Governor’s Desk for signature. 

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