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Design Of New Allegany High School Changed

April 21st, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The process and planning on the part of the Allegany County Board of Education for the new Allegany High School has County Commissioner Bill Valentine scratching his head. Valentine said the process has been suspect from the beginning with school board members supporting a school design for 864 students- only to learn later that the state based its funding contribution on a minimal 115,000-square-foot facility for 719 students. The design has now been change, scaling back to the 719 number, but still leaving the board in need of an additional $6 million for the project. The county commissioners two years ago drew a line at a $9.2 million local allocation for the project. With the funding shortfall, the school board has had public discussions about the possibility of building the new school minus an auditorium and athletic fields in addition to fewer classrooms. Board President Laurie Marchini told WCBC News that a final plan and final price has not yet been set- and that the alternatives discussed were designed to show what the school may look like given the unlikely hood of securing additional local funds…


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