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DeVore Comments on ‘Holes in System’ With Hiring Volunteer Firefighters

January 12th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

In recent weeks, at least two local volunteer firefighters faced criminal charges of arson- and as a result an effort is underway to see a standardized background check utilized by local volunteer fire departments.  In one of those cases, a volunteer firefighter accused of arson had a previous conviction related to setting a fire. Currently, if you want to become a volunteer firefighter, you may face a criminal background check, but not necessarily. The Times-News reports each volunteer department has its own standards for background checks.  Now, steps are being taken toward a standard method of criminal background searches on prospective volunteers, according to local fire officials. Dick DeVore, the director of Allegany County’s department of emergency services, acknowledged that there are clearly some “holes in the system” that need to be addressed:

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