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Devore Updates WCBC On Flood Related Information

September 9th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Emergency Services Director Dick Devore has issued the following statement:

Rain across the county has moved from moderate to light/None. There will be additional rain fall move through the area later. The creeks and streams are full and overflowing. This break in rain will give a brief opportunity to drain some of the precipitation that has already fallen. Please remember that the ground is very saturated and that any rain will produce immediate run off.

Road Closures:

Klondike Road closed at the bridge 1/4 mile off Rt 936 Opessa Street in Oldtown is Closed The low water bridge in Oldtown is closed Smouse's Mill Road on both Sides of Bridge under water Parts of Mason Road underwater Kings Grove Road to Bridge underwater Klondike Road Bridge Flooded Legislative Road Bridge

Flooded Areas of Note George's Creek is flowing out of its normal banks in several places Will's Creek is rising in the Kings Grove Area of Ellerslie Will's Creek is rising and is approaching Locust Grove Road. A proactive message was delivered to both the residents in Locust Grove as well as the dealerships in Motor City. Some dealerships are working on moving stock There is standing water everywhere in the county including highways. There have been several dozen flooded basements reported with the rain fall.

The situation as the Savage River dam has been reported to us as improving as rain slacks off. Evitts Creek is out of its banks at numerous spots Stream Gages Wills Creek cresting tomorrow at 11.2 feet in minor flooding stage Potomac at Cumberland cresting tomorrow at 18.9 feet in minor flooding George's Creek in Westernport cresting tomorrow at 9.55 feet in minor flooding Town Creek 10.16 feet with flood stage of 14 feet Potomac at Paw Paw is at 24.6 feet in the action stage which is below minor flooding in severity. Its worth noting that the heavy rain falling in PA will still continue to pump volume into the Wills Creek scenario.

The Allegany County Department of Emergency Services will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional information as necessary.

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