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Downtown Cumberland Parking Debate

May 17th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

It’s been the subject of debate for more than 30 years: parking on the downtown Cumberland Mall. The mall, which prior to 1978 was open to through traffic, has been a pedestrian mall since then- although there are many in the community who feel re-opening at least a portion of the mall to traffic and limited parking might go a long way toward revitalizing the economic climate. Parking was one of many issues addressed this week when Sandi Saville, chair of the Downtown Development Commission, met with the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce’ Economic Development Committee. Saville said that one of the main objectives of the DDC is increased residency downtown. The idea is “to get people living downtown” she says, using the upper floors of buildings as living spaces could help sustain the downtown economy. The obstacle is parking near the apartments or condos. She said having the ability to drive up to a store as opposed to parking a block away and walking there is appealing to some downtown business owners…

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  1. May 17, 2013 at 7:38 am, Linmarie said:

    Recently I have been stopped while downtown and asked directions to the Mall?
    I asked them what they were looking for? They replied..JCPenny, Wal-Mart etc. So I gave them directions on how to get to the mall in LaVale. People read about the Cumberland Mall in the literature about Cumberland…it doesn’t exist. A better term is the Cumberland Pedestrian Mall. This is why decisions need to be made to help the small businesses in Cumberland. The Book Center, Tree House Toys, Emporium, Jewelers, galleries and restaurants need help in getting people downtown.


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