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Drunk and Disorderly arrest

October 23rd, 2011 by WCBC Radio

An officer on patrol in the 300 block of Columbia St. observed a subject consuming an alcohol beverage on public property.  The officer stopped and identified the subject as Dontay James.  The officer began issuing a citation to James for consuming an alcoholic beverage on public property, when James began screaming and causing a disturbance.  Other officers responded to the scene as James was being issued his citation.  James continued to cause a disturbance and crumbled the citation up tossing it onto the ground.  Officers made several attempts to get James to stop causing and disturbance, pick up the citation, and leave the area.  After James refused he was arrested.  James was transported the Cumberland Police Department where he was processed.  He was later taken for his Initial Appearance at District Court and held on $3000


Arrested: Dontay James             Age: 24                    Cumberland, MD

Charges: Consuming alcoholic beverage on public property, Disorderly Conduct, Litter/Dump under 100 lbs, Disturbing the Peace, Fail to Obey

Held on $3,000 Bond

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