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Feral Cat Problem in Frostburg

August 15th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

WHAG TV reports that business owners are upset because some residents in Frostburg continue to feed feral cats in the former Prichard Hardware Building on Main Street located in the downtown business district. Julie Hall, owner of Gladstone Bar connected to Failinger's Hotel Gunter, noticed the nearly 20 feral cats in early May and began feeding them. Downtown business owners felt it created a nuisance in the business district, especially the next door neighbor of the building, Crestmont. Crestmont owners, Jim and Karen Barnes, said cat food left in the front of the building created a nuisance due to those cats and other animals eating it. The owner of Windy Pines Rescue Tracey Engle, has been feeding and watering the cats. She said  they will be taken to the Allegany County Animal Shelter for neutering. Tina Rafferty, Executive Director of the Shelter, said they have been working on several colonies within the city to neuter. 


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