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Farmers Market to open on Downtown Mall Thursday

May 5th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Farmers’ Market will be opening on the Downtown Cumberland Mall on Thursdays starting on May 7th.    Some people have asked about how to safely run a farmers’ market during the COVID – 19 state of emergency.   Although our farmers’ market is in an outdoor environment many booths are still under canopies or in enclosures with plenty of food and people about.  We want to do everything we can to keep our community safe, prevent the spread of disease and still shop and support our farmers.   The Cumberland Police Department has conferred with the Governor’s Office and the Allegany County Health Department as well as reviewed guidance documents distributed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture and have issued the following guidelines:

·       All vendor’s staff and employees must wear a face covering

·       All patrons shopping must wear a face covering

·       All people are to social distance and stay at least 6 feet apart

o   We understand that people interacting with staff selecting food and providing payment will need to be closer, but face coverings will be worn 

·       No booth is to have more than 10 people present to include staff and patrons

·       No one is to touch food that they are not purchasing

·       Hand washing and sanitizing stations will be present 

·       Booths with areas touched by the public should be cleaned frequently 

·       No employee can work if they are sick

·       Citizens are to not shop if they are sick  

Compliance with all of the guidelines will make a safe environment for everyone and result in a more enjoyable day.  We would like everyone’s cooperation with making this event a success.  

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