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Federal Employees To Be Reimbursed For Lost Pay

October 8th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Their government has failed to keep the doors open and has told federal workers to stay off the job as the political parties fight over spending and health care in austere times. Now Congress and President Barack Obama are sending this message to the 800,000 sidelined government employees: We don't know when the impasses will end but you will get reimbursed for lost pay once the government reopens. With the partial shutdown entering showing no end in sight, the GOP-run House passed a bill Saturday that would make sure the furloughed workers get paid for not working. The White House backs the bill and the Senate was expected to OK it, too, but the timing was unclear. The 407-0 vote in the House was uniquely bipartisan, even as lawmakers continued their partisan rhetoric. Maryland 8th District Congressman and ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee Chris Van Hollen says it is time to end the shutdown- immediately…


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