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First Responder Protection Prompts New Allegany County Plan

March 21st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to climb in Maryland and surrounding states, and local emergency services officials, as directed by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems and Dr. Janelle Martin, the Regional EMS Medical Director, have issued a new response plan aimed at protecting first responders.
“One way to protect our first responders from the virus is minimizing the number of personnel on incident scenes,” Allegany County Department of Emergency Services Deputy Director Roger Bennett said. “As calls are prioritized at the Joint Communications Center in Cumberland, an ambulance or EMS unit will be dispatched, however the first responder or fire department unit will stay in service.”
Martin emphasized that first responder units from the fire department will still be dispatched on all high priority calls, such as cardiac arrest, unconscious patients, overdoses, patients reported as not breathing or trauma patients where serious injury is suspected.
“By limiting the number of personnel on the scenes, we can minimize the chance of possible exposure and continuing to spread the virus,” Bennett said. “We want to emphasize that EMS units are still being dispatched on all requests for an ambulance.”
Bennett said that the decision to limit the number of responding units came after meeting with state and local medical officials. He said this procedure will be reevaluated as the public health crisis develops.
“I wanted to add that if the EMS unit arrives on the scene and they need additional resources or have a special request, additional units may be dispatched at that time,” Bennett continued.
Bennett said that the Department of Emergency Services is charged with the task of providing the highest level of patient care to the citizens and visitors of Allegany County.  The goal is to provide that care in the most timely and efficient manner, while protecting the safety of patients, crews and bystanders.
The current public health crisis is an evolving situation and Allegany County Department of Emergency Services will continue to respond to the needs of the community, while obtaining communication and guidance from local, state and federal authorities, according to Martin. 
Local emergency services officials will continue to push out information as it becomes available from local, state and federal agencies. 

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  1. March 22, 2020 at 10:40 am, Mark said:

    I’m sure all you Trump morons will be glad when this virus hoax goes away! Right?? btw, if it’s a joke, why the heck are ALL of you hoarding TP & milk??


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