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Foote Talks to WCBC in First Interview Since Ruling

September 25th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

In his first interview since an administrative law judge upheld the Allegany County Board of Education’s request to remove him from the board- Wayne Foote tells WCBC News that his attorney has filed exceptions for the case- and says if he is removed- he will consider running again next year. The Maryland State Department of Education should be in possession of the exceptions today and at that point legal council would have  two weeks to review and respond. A spokesperson for the state board said after the exceptions are reviewed-  the board could hold a hearing before making a final decision. Foote, who has kept a low profile during the process referring any questions to his attorney, talked with WCBC News following Tuesday’s regular board meeting. He was asked for the administrative law judge’s ruling was a surprise to him…

If the board does take action to remove Foote from the board, he can appeal to Circuit Court. If that effort would fail, there is nothing that would prohibit him from running for a seat in the next election. With much of this situation still not officially resolved, Foote says its too early to speculate on running again…

2 Responses to “Foote Talks to WCBC in First Interview Since Ruling”

  1. September 25, 2019 at 10:38 am, kevin said:

    The GoFundMe page is surging – nine dollars has been raised so far – the people are crying out for justice (not).


  2. September 25, 2019 at 7:12 pm, j.r. lepley said:

    I always s thought GoFundMe was for someone that a medical issue or a family emergrncy,,like a house fire or something like that,not to pay legal bill s for indecent behavior,,i think that is taking advantage of people


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