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Footer Dye Works Quagmire Continues

October 25th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

A private developer is ready to step in and utilize the entire Footer Dye Works building- but only if the structure is stabilized and some standard upgrades are made. That was the focus of a special Tuesday afternoon meeting with Canal Place Authority Board Chair Andy Vick, Executive Director Dee Dee Ritchie and the local legislative delegation. The sticking point: the Authority doesn’t have the necessary funds and is asking the delegation to attempt to secure two million in state dollars. Legislators indicated that  $1.5 million had been allocated for an entryway to Canal Place and that perhaps the governor could be asked to re-allocate that money for the Footer Dye Works building, especially considering the state was requiring the building be saved. Communication issues and conflicting statements continue to be a problem for the Authority. While Vick and other board members say that the building cannot, under any circumstances be demolished, other officials say that’s not the case. Maryland Historic Trust Director Rodney Little says it can potentially be done, but it is a process.

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