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Franchot Opposes Teachers Pension Shift

April 24th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

One of the many fiscal issues expected to be resolved when, or if Maryland lawmakers convene a special session to address the state’s “doomsday” budget is that of shifting the cost of teacher pensions to local governments. The only sticking point when the regular session came to a close earlier this month was whether the shift occur over three years or four. Regardless of how it is phased in- it’s going to be devastating for counties across the state. In Allegany County alone, the new county cost for the coming year is $2,890,831. The fiscal staff in Annapolis says that would grow immediately to $3,729,301 the next year and all the way to $4,354,820 over the next three years. That kind if burden would put tremendous pressure on the county’s taxpayers, and to the public services. State Comptroller Peter Franchot, noting that local governments do not run the pension system, do not negotiate teacher salaries, and did not create these costs- says he opposes any plan to shift any of the cost to the counties…

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