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Freddie Gray case: Prosecutors rest their case against Officer Porter

December 8th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

The Baltimore Sun reports that state prosecutors rested their case against Baltimore Police Officer William G. Porter in the death of Freddie Gray on Tuesday morning after five days of witness testimony. Judge Barry G. Williams told jurors they were finished for the day but that proceedings would continue in order for the court to deal with legal issues related to the case. Porter's defense team has yet to present its case. Jurors heard Tuesday morning from an expert of police procedures who said officers have an obligation to seat-belt arrestees and get them quick medical attention. Michael Lyman, a professor of criminal justice at Columbia College in Missouri, testified for the prosecution that police officers who arrest a suspect have a "shared responsibility" to make sure that person is secured in the back of a police transport wagon. If the person complains of injuries, officers should immediately determine where the nearest hospital is and take the arrestee there

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