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Frostburg Man Charged with Cumberland Assault

June 21st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

On Saturday, Cumberland Police responded to a Grand Avenue residence for the report of an assault.

When officers arrived, contact was made with a female victim that had a visible injury to her eye. The victim told officers that she was struck in the face by Arsenio Carvelle Glover. Officers were also aware the Glover had an open arrest warrant. Glover was found in the rear of the residence and arrested.  He was charged with the assault and served a District Court bench warrant for failing to appear for trail on January 28, 2020 on a trespassing charge. 

Glover was taken before the District Court Commissioner and remanded to the Allegany County Detention Center held on a $5,000 bond.

Arsenio, Carvelle Glover, age; 31, Frostburg, Maryland.

12 Responses to “Frostburg Man Charged with Cumberland Assault”

  1. June 21, 2020 at 11:00 am, LRH said:

    winner, winner, chicken dinner


  2. June 21, 2020 at 11:37 am, Bob said:

    Quite understandable considering the societal issues he has had to endure.


  3. June 21, 2020 at 3:57 pm, jim said:

    Maybe there will be a protest about this. Just don’t touch the unemployment office please. Of course they won’t what am I thinking.


  4. June 21, 2020 at 5:45 pm, TB said:

    Whitey caused it. He is a victim of racism. We can’t breathe!


    • June 21, 2020 at 8:35 pm, Dave said:

      If there is going to be a protest, send them down Maryland Ave. the city could use the help.>


  5. June 22, 2020 at 8:50 am, Dan said:

    This fellow is not from Cumberland.


    • June 22, 2020 at 3:14 pm, Bob said:

      > Thems fightin’ words, as are so many here in the hills.


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