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Frostburg Police Chief Talks to Delegation on Policies

December 20th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

The Frostburg Police Department, like many law enforcement agencies around the country, has struggled to fill its ranks in recent years. Police Chief Nick Costello says adding to the problem in Maryland are some fairly stringent rules in place pertaining to delivery or distribution of drugs.  During a meeting with the District 1 legislative delegation this month, Chief Costello reported that recently many well qualified applicants have been put on hold because the Maryland Police Training Commission policies. When it comes to drug distribution, a candidate is deemed ineligible even if that distribution came as part of his or her employment with one of Maryland’s medical marijuana facilities.  There is no difference noted  in the commission policies between delivering legalized medical marijuana to a patient as part of your job- versus taking  part in  some  illicit criminal  drug activity.  Although there is an appeals process that can be utilized in certain cases-  Costello has asked the delegation to explore any options that may remedy the problem- and expedite new hires..

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