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Funding Gap Remains For New Allegany High School

February 29th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

While the bids received by the Allegany County Board of Education last week were dramatically better than the originals for the new Allegany High School- cutting the cost of the project from $60 million down to around $52- there remains a funding gap of two to three million dollars. To date, the board has commitments of slightly more than $49 million for the project. Superintendent David Cox tells WCBC News that staff will immediately begin analyzing the various add/alternate items for the school- noting there were some wide ranges in the prices provided by the three bidding contractors for some items. As an example of the various pricing range- Dustin Construction set a price of $500,000 for the football/soccer field- while Leonard Fiore’s price was $812,000. Oddly the largest divide among the contractors came for top soil with Dustin’s price set at $157,000- compared to P.J. Dick’s which came in at $305,000. Cox says those are just some of the items that will be examined by staff in the coming weeks…


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